Kipp Roane

Welding and building just about anything has been part of Kipp's life since he was twelve. Making things with his hands is not just what he does it is a large part of who he is and what gives him pleasure.

Kipp grew up in the Port Perry area, attended Sir Sanford Fleming College and has worked in the metal work and welding industry for over 25 years, with experience and expertise in welding everything from cast iron and stainless steel, to aluminum and titanium.

"I enjoy looking at something, figuring out how it was built and then recreating it … with improvements," he teases.

"Being creative and building beautiful ornamental iron art, whether for the inside or outside of the home, gives me great pleasure," he added.

Kipp enjoys new challenges including building proto type equipment, specialty tools, and all manner of welding repairs.

Young in life Kipp discovered his passion for writing, what he likes to call, "stories" - poems to the rest of us. A published poet, his book "Life" by Kipp is in its second printing, having sold out the first printing.

As the legend creates its self in life
Embers explode into brilliant sunrise
Crashing dancing in living joy with every hammer blow
A birth yet with every move glowing sinders settle to the floor
Changing the essence of life
Not an ending only different than before
Challenges born from change
Endings and beginnings good and bad breed life
Met with the tnasity of the flame and the hammer
Leaving only creation
Sunrises that never set
Rebirth by sweeping the sinders away
Fires and hammers
Strength life and the anvil

Kipp is the father of three beautiful, fun-loving children, who are his joy. He now shares his life with Holly Currah, who he recently married, and who, as Holly tells it, he won over while dating with his poetry.

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