The Kawartha

12" Cooking Chamber



Imagine feeding your family, friends and even a few neighbours with your very own smoker.  The Kawartha, from A Welding Shop, has a large main cooking chamber and a second cooking grill over the firebox, allowing you to easily feed up to 20 and maybe a few more.

Our “classic” has an offset firebox with an adjustable draft which makes adjusting temperature easy.  Whether you are slow-smoking (under 200 degrees), bbqing (250 to 300 degrees), or quick cooking or grilling (350 up to 500 degrees) -- this classic smoker/grill does it all!

The classic great Canadian “Kawartha” BBQ Pit/Smoker and Wood-Fired Grill comes standard with an adjustable smoke distribution plate,  pull out all-steel heavy-duty cooking grill in the main chamber (for easy access to all that wonderful meat) and a second all-steel heavy-duty cooking grill for over the firebox -- perfect when using this versatile smoker as a “grill.”

Other standard features of the Kawartha include a heavy-duty steel fire-box grate and an ash-rake cleaning tool, as well as a convenient front cooking/accessory shelf and an under-side wood shelf. Little extras that come standard and make the Kawartha a true Canadian “classic” include a stay-cool cooking chamber handle, hard rubber wheels and a wheel-barrow style handle that eases transporting the unit.

At A Welding Shop, we hand-craft every BBQ Pit Smoker/Wood-fired Grill with great care and quality – making each unit very special. We are confident that you will enjoy many years of cooking on your unit.